The grip attachment returns in Black Ops. It can be mounted on the M60, the M14, the Stakeout and every submachine gun except the MP5K. It costs 1000 to unlock. For most weapons, attaching a grip instead attaches a stock, as seen on every SMG apart from the AK-74u that has a foregrip. On sub-machine guns with stocks on an unmodified weapon like the Uzi, the stock will be folded when Grip is not used, but will be unfolded when Grip is used. When attached to the Stakeout, its fire rate will be slightly increased. In Zombies, the M14 will gain a grip after being Pack-a-Punched. An MP5 with a grip and Red Dot Sight in Modern Warfare 3. The grip makes its fifth appearance in Modern Warfare 3. It has been seen on the MP5, MG36, SPAS-12, and the USAS-12. Not much else is known about the attachment at this time.